Calm Down Serum


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Calm Down Serum calms, soothes, cools and balances the skin.
It features ingredients like rose, CoQ10, niacinamide and panthenol. With every application the skin is soothed, smoothed, restored and protected.
This is more than just a calming serum.
It’s a comprehensive anti aging serum that gets rid of redness ASAP.
Panthenol and niacinamide work together to banish redness and dark spots. They lend a helping hand to those with acne, and they help the skin retain valuable moisture. CoQ10 and rose balance and protect against free radicals, while MSM rebuilds and maintains the skin from the inside out.
Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps for long lasting cellular hydration. While soothing and cooling aloe and cucumber help keep things irritation free. The organic aloe also contributes to advanced collagen production and skin repair. The results are clear, blemish and dark-spot-free skin.

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