Green Tea/White Tea Antioxidant Scrub


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A wonderful scrub containing Organic Polyphenols of Green Tea and White Tea as well as tropical butters and oils for moisturizing during exfoliation. The Green and White Teas lend their rich anti aging properties to this scrub to create skin that is not only moisturized and properly exfoliated, but to also keep it tight, bright, and free of pro-aging free radicals.

  • brandi
    5 out of 5

    I LOVE the smell and the way my skin feels after using!

  • Anne K
    5 out of 5

    Finally a scrub that doesn’t leave my skin as dry as the Sahara! This wonderful smelling scrub has a fluffy consistency (like a pudding with cream whipped in) and is highly effective as a scrub, clearing off old dead skin, and at the same time moisturizes without being heavy. I used to use a popular department store brand (starts with C)’s “7 Day Scrub Cream” … and then I went to another department store brand (starts with P)’s scrubs – and I’ve thrown them both over for the Green Tea/White Tea Antioxidant Scrub, my go-to scrub of choice. It leaves my skin softer, but also moist (and not dry or oily.)

    I also love that it has a very very fine all natural pumice in it for the “scrub” part rather than those plastic beads that are washing into our oceans and never biodegrade. The pumice hits the perfect level of abrasiveness – not ineffective and not so sharp that it hurts and my face is bright red afterwards. It’s really the perfect scrub.

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