Smudge your Space Kits – Prosperity (Citrine)


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Cleanse, Purify and Program your Space for Love, Prosperity and Good Luck!


1. Light sage stick upside down until well lit. Have an ashtray or bowl of water ready to put out. Gently blow out sage stick. With smoking sage stick, go through every room in house to purify and cleanse. Safely put out stick.

2. Put a crystal in each of the 4 corners of your home. Don’t stress over this! Just as close to north, south, east and west as you can get.

3. Spray your crystal infused programmed cleansing water in each of the 4 corners of your home.

4. Say YOUR blessing in every corner. You can Google smudge blessings or just come up with your own. Sample blessing included.

5. Finally, in the room that represents your Love, Prosperity or Good Luck blessing the most, spray cleansing water and say your blessing again to bring the focus back to you. HAPPY SMUDGING!! 🙂

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