• Candles


    Handmade Lovely Scented Blingy Candles.

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  • Enriched Facial Oil

    $59.00 $39.00

    A 100% natural facial oil that delivers a unique moisture, penetrating quickly and leaving the skin soft and supple. Ultra-conditioning Grapeseed, Avocado, Macadamia, Jojoba, Tamanu and Noni oils nourish the skin. ALL SKIN CONDITIONS & TYPES ·        Softens and conditions skin ·        Eases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles ·        Adds essential lipids ·  […]

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  • Firming Peptide & Cucumber Eye Mask

    $59.99 $29.00

    Peptides in this unique suspension stimulate collagen and elastin. This stimulation supports the healing and repair response in the skin, increases skin thickness, refines the appearance of wrinkles, evens skin tone and texture, and restores elasticity and firmness to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid, periwinkle, licorice, and MSM ensure that deep penetration below the upper dermal […]

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  • Glycolic & Lactic Resurfacing Serum


    An effective exfoliating serum to minimize the signs of aging, unwanted pigmentation, and reduce blemishes and breakouts. Glycolic and lactic acids work together to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and dry skin. Offers excellent resurfacing results Potent, non irritating formula Helps clear blemished skin as it evens out skin tone   

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  • Pumpkin Mask


    Pumpkin is loaded with over a 100 beneficial nutrients and is a helpful super food for the skin Leaves skin feeling replenished, brightened and softly renewed Creamy, antioxidant and enzyme-rich Smells delicious as it brings deep exfoliation and sloughing effects to dry, dull skin suffering from the “winter blues” It is active, so a patch […]

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  • Skin Lightening Gel


    A refreshing gel formulated with key ingredients to effectively lighten and even out skin discoloration. Clinically studied and proven to inhibit excess pigment production. A combination of glycolic acid, hydroquinione and kojic acid work together to help inhibit and regulate melanin formation and pigment production. Non irritating formula. Keeps skin tone looking healthy and balanced. […]

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  • Zit Zap!


    Zit Zap Concealer will disguise those little trouble spots instantly! This magical green concealer will help navigate those days when unsightly bumps, redness and unbalanced ruddy tones try to take over. With major covering power and blendability, it allows foundation to apply smoothly on top for a lovely, finished look. This double-duty concealer also has […]

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